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A girl with grandiose dreams, who just so happens to blog. Check the Sundays with WHO?! page for a more detailed About Me section. The link can be found in the menu.

Blog Posts

Not All Dates Are Good…

Have you ever been on a date so terrible, it made you consider being a nun? Okay, this date wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t good, like, at all. My name is Jocee, and this is my story. He was almost seven feet tall, caramel complexion, muscular build, with a few dreadlocks on the top […]

Halfway There

Believe it or not, we’re almost halfway through 2020. With everything going on, it certainly feels like we’ve been in 2020 longer than six months. Never in a million years could I have imagined that we would be where we are when I wrote down my goals for 2020. From pandemic to protests, these past […]

Buy Black 365 (Part 1)

Whether you’re looking for something sweet to eat or your next outfit or a way to enhance what your momma already gave you, these three Black women have got you covered! This past Friday we celebrated our ancestors being free(-ish), and we also celebrated what we have managed to build since then. I am always […]

There’s A Fire

There was a picture of a building on fire in Minneapolis and however you may feel about it, I found some solace in knowing my rage could be photographed. Captured beautifully for all to see. Flames pointed towards heaven, hoping God would notice. There are no mirrors here, just smoke. And where there is smoke, […]

Loving A Black Man

Inhale love for the black man, exhale love for the black man.Inhale love for the black man, exhale love for the black man.Inhale love for the black man, exhale love for the black man. Sometimes I get upset that I allow tears to pierce the corners of my eyes. Once they are there, I cannot […]

Filling Time With Feelings

I recently told someone it’s been May 20th the past couple of days in my world. Time has become such a fluid concept for me (which I’m sure my bosses did not appreciate considering I had deadlines to meet). However, as a child, I was obsessed with time. I wore ugly sports watches well into […]

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