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A girl with grandiose dreams, who just so happens to blog. Check the Sundays with WHO?! page for a more detailed About Me section. The link can be found in the menu.

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Lessons from Pre-K

My first year teaching Pre-K has come to an end (well, we have one more day left). Here are three lessons I’ve learned after 180 days with twenty-three four and five year-olds (not to mention my bonus child from the other Pre-K class). Lesson 1: Mrs. Johnson is my “real name.” I told my class […]

This is Us

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed a good TV show, with the emphasis being on good. If I’m watching a drama, it’s usually a medical drama or something related to law enforcement. One of my biggest rules for TV shows, specifically dramas, are the main characters can’t get killed off […]

The GOAT: My Mother

Jen, mommy, maaaa!, lady. I call my mother a lot of names and most of the time she answers to them. The running joke in my family is although I’m not an only child, when it comes to my mother, I have only child tendencies. I want all of her time and attention even though […]

Adjusting to the Dark

Certain parts of my house are darker than others at night. With shades drawn, no light illuminating from the television, lamps resting in the off position, there is a spot right outside my bathroom door that envelops darkness. I used to be startled by this darkness, stumbling along a familiar path into objects that have […]


To put it lightly, I’m obsessed with my name. I always have been and I probably always will be. Even though I remember crying as a young child because in my household I had the most letters in my first name and I often get nervous when I have to introduce myself to new people […]

A Few of My Favorite Things

Every time someone asks me how I’m enjoying the married life, my response is, “it’s amazing!” There are so many things I enjoy about being married but here are a few of my favorites: Sleeping togetherI was never one of those people who dreaded having to share a bed with someone. I wasn’t interested in […]

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