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A girl with grandiose dreams, who just so happens to blog. Check the Sundays with WHO?! page for a more detailed About Me section. The link can be found in the menu.

Blog Posts

You Can’t Save Everyone

One of my biggest struggles as a teacher is knowing that I won’t be able to reach all of my students. No matter what techniques I use, no matter how patient I am, I may not see the fruit of my labor. Similarly, this is true of some people I encounter in my personal life. […]

Sometimes Forever Don’t Last

The day was warmer than expected for it to be late November in Atlanta. Well it wasn’t really Atlanta; it was north of Atlanta but it felt like the middle of nowhere, the kind of place you go to take a break from civilization. It all kind of seems like a blur now. My younger […]

Buy Black 365 (Part 2)

Whether you’re looking for something that is good for and feels good on your skin or you’re looking for something sweet to eat or a t-shirt with a message, I got you covered! Today we celebrated our ancestors being free(-ish), and we also celebrate what we have managed to build since then. In 2020, I […]

They Stole My Purse

Imagine, worshipping the Lord aside thousands of others with your arms raised, belting out your favorite Maverick City Music songs when all of a sudden you look down and you notice your purse is gone. It was between my feet and then it wasn’t. It wasn’t under my chair or the chair next to mine. […]

Vacation Me

Growing up, vacations only existed in the context of basketball tournaments, church conventions, and family reunions. The idea of going to another place, just because, was a foreign concept to me. That was something rich people did and I definitely wasn’t that. The idea of traveling always sounded good but seemed far out of my […]

Lessons from Pre-K

My first year teaching Pre-K has come to an end (well, we have one more day left). Here are three lessons I’ve learned after 180 days with twenty-three four and five year-olds (not to mention my bonus child from the other Pre-K class). Lesson 1: Mrs. Johnson is my “real name.” I told my class […]

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