For as long as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed interacting with children, so it was no surprise when this baby started playing with me, I went along with it. The baby was no more than 2 years old, and gently touched my arm. No big deal. He held his hand out and I shook it. This went on for awhile almost as though we were playing tag. He touch my arm, I shake his hand. All of a sudden, the baby starts digging in his diaper, and I mean he was digging like he was searching for treasure. I start to panic on the inside, knowing that once his treasure hunt was over, he will continue to try and play tag with me. The logical thing would be for me to move but we were in a closed space and there was nowhere to go. The child’s grandfather was sitting next to him, but he was watching tv and not really paying attention. I didn’t have sense enough to say something like “what are you doing in there” to bring attention to the situation. But soon enough the hunt was over and just as I predicted, the hand that had been rummaging through his diaper found its way on to my arm. I had on long sleeves so I was able to keep my cringe on the inside, but before I knew it, his hand was lunging for my neck. Flag on the play, flag on the play! I let out a small scream as I maneuvered my neck out of his reach. I’m proud of myself for only letting out a small scream because inside I wanted to jump up and out of my skin. The grandfather finally said something to the child, but the damage had already been done, I had already been traumatized. Some may say, well at least he didn’t actually touch you but the mere possibility is enough. The possibility that he could have found some “treasure” in that diaper or my ninja skills weren’t up to par and he got to my neck, is enough. I look back on this situation and think to myself, how could this have been avoided… If I had just left the baby alone in the first place, then it wouldn’t have happened. But me being me, this was life.

HPIM0824 (2)

Not the baby partaking in the treasure hunt but my cute cousin (2008)