Last week I gave you five tips, now you can enjoy the other five. (Click here for Part 1)

6. Growing apart isn’t bad.

We all have those high school friends who we think we’ll be friends with forever. That’s super cute, but as time goes on, you may find you don’t talk as much or you’re not interested in the same things. Perhaps they didn’t go off to college and can’t relate to some of the things you’re experiencing on a daily basis or vice versa. This is okay. It doesn’t make you or them bad people. Maybe when you go home to visit, you all can catch up over lunch or perhaps it was awkward the last time and this time you decide not to. That’s okay.

7. Stay on campus (at least one year).

It’s expensive. It’s small. It’s too many people. It’s dirty. It’s hot. I know, I know. But it is so convenient. You can wake up 15 minutes before class. No traffic to worry about. Lots of new people to befriend. Quick access to everything on campus. Once you return to the comfort of your off campus apartment, it’s difficult to convince yourself to go back to campus for a probate show or the free midnight breakfast (we did it at Florida State and it was amazing). I understand not wanting to spend your entire college career living on campus, but at least give yourself one year. Some of my best memories from college, happened while I was living on campus.

8. Use the resources.

Go to your professor’s office hours, especially if you’re at a larger school. They are the people making the exams, why not go to them for the answer? I spent many hours in my room trying to teach myself concepts, that could have probably been explained in 15 minutes, if I had just went to see my professor. If your school provides any sort of free tutoring service and you’re struggling, utilize it! It’s better to ask for help now than a week before final exams and you need a 150% to pass the class. Studying in your room is fine, but studying outside your room is even better. Most college campuses have plenty of study areas

9. Join an organization.

This is how I met amazing people in college. My freshmen year of college I joined an acting group, and these wonderful people help me to feel comfortable in the skin I was in, having a profound impact on me during my time at Florida State. Maybe you played basketball in high school, join an intramural team. Perhaps you were in chorus, join a singing group on campus. Even if you didn’t do anything in high school, you may have always wanted to try modeling; there is probably an organization for that. Your university might be small and not have many organizations, but you can start one! Organizations are a great way to meet people and form a since of community with people who have similar interests. And don’t just be a member, be a part of the leadership team. Not only does it look good on your resume, it grows you as a person. I had the privilege of being president of a bible study I helped start, and I learned so much about myself and what I was capable of.

SOS pic

My wonderful acting family (November 2009)


10. Call home.

You love your family and they love you, but you love this freedom too. It’s easy to forget to call home to let someone know you’re alive and breathing, but make the time to do it. Put a reminder in your phone, write it on your calendar. You may have the kind of family that calls you twenty times a day, answer at least once (yes I’m telling you to ignore the rest of the calls. If it’s that deep, they’ll send you a text about it). If your family is letting you spread your wings, and waiting for you to call, do it at least once a week (that’s bare minimum), even if it’s just to say you’re okay and life is great or this sucks but you’re making it work. Sure, everyone can follow you on social media and see all the fun things you’re doing, but it’s good for them to hear your voice (and you may not want them to follow you on social media).

College WILL be a wonderful time in your life. God did not bring you this far to leave you, so even if it gets tough, keep going! You won’t regret it!

And if you need someone who’s been there (and stayed saved while doing it), to walk through this with you, slide in my DMs (lol, but really).