They exist!

Rewind nine or so years ago, a friend and I are sitting in my college dorm dreaming out loud about our futures. We start talking about our husbands and how wonderful it would be if they truly love God. I’m not talking about that I go to church on Sunday and pay my tithes when I can kind of love; I’m referring to the God drives my whole life, everything I do is for His glory kind of love. And along with that, they would be super relatable and funny and love us like Christ loves the church. The more my friend and I discussed it, the less realistic it seemed. The men we spoke of was just as likely to exist as unicorns. So that’s what they became: unicorns; figments of our imaginations. However, recently I thought back to this conversation, and realized how wrong I was. There’s no such thing as unicorns but these men are in fact real.

As I sit procrastinating (I should be doing homework), I can think of six men who I know personally who are these men; some of them married, and others not. It’s not about them being husbands, it’s about them being great men of God. My friend and I were so focused on the title of husband, we ignored the God in the men around us. Ladies, Godly men do exist. The ones you know, may not end up being your husband, but they’re certainly not unicorns.

I’m guilty of saying “they’re no men out there who love Jesus (I probably said it last week lol). Or if I’m having a good day, I may say, “well all the ones who are living right are already married.” That’s just not true. Take a moment and take inventory of the men in your life. The ones you call friend, who you discuss scriptures with, who can pray for you (and even if you don’t, you know you can). Celebrate these men. Tell your friends about them. I’m not saying they’re you’re besties or even that you interact with them on a daily basis, but I’m saying they’re real.

Some of you will think about the men in your life and coming up empty, still reconcile in your mind that these men are unicorns. I encourage you to look deeper; think about the men in your church who you never talk to but always seems to worship with a sincere heart  and has an overall genuine spirit (if you don’t go to church, that may be a good start). Think about the guy at your job who always asks how your day is going (not in the flirty way, just being nice) or the one who is always wearing the WWJD hat. Remember, it’s not about these men being husband candidates; it’s about these men existing. And these men existing gives you hope that the husband you’re praying for exists too. No unicorns, just men who are following after Christ.