So when I say frogs I don’t mean the guy you met at the mattress store, who seemed nice enough so you gave him your number and after the second conversation you realized it wasn’t going anywhere but you pursued the situation because you figured “why not.” No, he doesn’t count. Frogs in this sense mean the guy who you actually saw yourself with long term, in fact, you were pretty sure God told you he was the One. I’m talking, you prayed about it (you even took it a step further and added fasting), you were equally yoked, you had an accountability partner, and from your point of view, everything was going relatively well. Then all of a sudden you get hit with that:

“God is leading me in a different direction.” 

“You’re a really great girl but…” 

“I just need to focus on me and my relationship with God right now.”

I do a good job responding in these situations, coloring it with:

“Thank you for being honest.” 

“You definitely have to be sure you and God are good before trying to partner with someone.” 

But the conversation in my head is totally different and that usually consist of:

“God didn’t tell you this a month ago?” 

“I agree, I’m fantastic, there are no buts.” 

“You can’t multitask?” 

Then I have a conversation with God:

“I’m trying it Your way and it’s not working.” 

“Really, Jesus? So we out here wasting time and emotions.” 

“So You just don’t care.” 

I know, I know, not the Christian response you may have expected but it’s real life.


March 2017

After I get out of my feelings, I really examine my relationship with God. Did I not hear clearly? Was I not in His will? Did I miss a sign telling me this wasn’t it? Should I have prayed more? And in all honesty, I usually come to the realization I put the cart before the horse. I get so excited to like and be liked, I don’t truly wait to hear from God. If someone checks off enough boxes of my requirement list (I don’t even need all the boxes checked at this point), I want God to make it work. Ladies unfortunately every nice looking saved guy with decent conversation is not your guy. They are not your Prince Charming. They could simply be a frog; not a bad frog, but a frog nonetheless.

So now what? You let the frog hop away, and you seek God. Yes that sounds cliché, but what’s the alternative? You chasing a frog that doesn’t want to be caught or catching a frog thinking you’re going to make him into a prince? No one has time for that. I constantly have to remind myself God is not avoiding this area of my life. Although it seems like He’s allergic to it, He really is crafting the best love story.

The world will tell you to kiss as many frogs as you can until you stumble across Prince Charming. As a woman of God, I’m telling you, it don’t take all of that. I say this as a single woman, so take it with a grain of salt if you choose, but I don’t believe God intended for us to suffer heartbreak after heartbreak. We can’t be mad at God when we’re the ones out here doing trial and error with every good idea. Good ideas come and go, in fact, they hop, we call them frogs.

Let God mend your broken heart. Delete the number. Unfriend them on Facebook. Take yourself out. Read your Word. Find a hobby. Let that slippery frog go, and allow your hands to get busy doing something great.

My Prince Charming is on the way and I would hate for him to find me kissing some frog.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

***I’m figuratively speaking of kissing. As my father figure says, “don’t be out here kissing everyone.”***