I’ve been accused of being this ultra black power woman. And I must say I didn’t see it. I’m natural, I like earrings with afros on them, I root for everyone’s who’s black, I have a shirt that says ‘Black men I love you,’ but none of that seems out of the ordinary. In my head, most black people are like this. But I must say, if I could have stood on the seat and shouted “I’m black and I’m proud,” at the end of Black Panther, oh I would have!

All that melanin on the screen, shades of beautiful brown staring back at me. All that black girl magic and black boy joy! If you didn’t think so before, I need everyone to understand black is beautiful. It always has been. If I was not proof enough for you, if I had not believed it myself, Black Panther would have made me a believer. This is not up for debate!

We have plenty of examples of black excellence all around us. It’s the way we walk, how we talk, it really is skin deep. When you are in doubt of our amazingness, let Black Panther remind you. “Show them who you are!”