The above, was a conversation I had with a friend, and I use the term friend loosely. Because a friend of me would be a friend of Black Panther and all of Wakanda. I realize this further people’s claims of me being the blackest black person they know (click here), but you’re telling me you can’t spend $10-$15 to partake in a blessing? If there was ever a time to do it for the culture, now is the time.

Is exiling someone from an entire community for not seeing a movie, extreme? Yes, yes it is. But it’s necessary. We’ve come too far and fought too long, to not show our support. I don’t think people realize, Black Panther has joined the ranks of The Color Purple, Love and Basketball, Roots, and a long list of other great movies with a black cast. If you disagree, fight me.

Am I saying, Black Panther was the greatest movie of all time? No. Before you feed me to the wolves, understand, this was the second Marvel movie I’ve seen in my life (Spider-Man, 2002, being the first), and don’t ask me anything about DC Comics. I honestly probably won’t see another one unless there is a cast full of black people (or bae convinces me, but that’s a story for another day). So, why did I go see Black Panther? Because I’m black and they’re black. It really is that simple. I knew I would walk into that theater and see people who looked like me, who weren’t slaves or poor, nor drug dealers or drug addicts. They would be associated with power and royalty and intelligence and strength. They did not have to be “mixed” with European descent to be considered beautiful or “high yellow” with long, flowy locks of curls to be worthy of our attention. Those black experiences are just as valid as the experience Black Panther gives us. For far too long this greatness has been silenced, but 3 weeks ago, the silence was broken. And it sounded a lot like the prowl of a panther. A black one at that.

Does every black person need to see Black Panther? Yes, yes they do. Do they have to see it in theaters? Preferably, yes. Black Panther has already broken many records in terms of the box office, so why not be part of the magic? Memes and Facebook posts are cute, but actions speak louder than words. If we go through the great black movies files, there are a lot I have not seen, which could probably get my black card revoked. Had I been born or old enough to buy my own movie ticket, I would have, because I love us. When given the opportunity to witness greatness, you don’t wait for it to come out on TV (someone host a movie night so I can catch up :)).

Don’t be like this poor young lady who has to find a home somewhere else. Go see Black Panther, it’s not too late.

*My friends from other cultures who have seen the movie, we thank you for your support.