So last year, I wrote 27 things I hoped to accomplish by 28. The results are in:

  1. Buy a house
  2. Be near completion of my teaching certification class
  3. Visit Las Vegas, NV
  4. Ride a horse (that should be happening some time in April)
  5. Bake an edible cake (it’s a long, dry story) (I’m still trying lol)
  6. Have an amazing Vacation Bible School at my church
  7. Blog at least once a month (I did most of the months though)
  8. Dress like my Pinterest board (Hit or miss most days lol)
  9. Finish writing my book (I honestly didn’t even try)
  10. Visit Susan in Cleveland, MS (In less than 48 hours!)
  11. Become an official godmother! (I’ll write about that soon)
  12. Do spoken word
  13. Get a massage
  14. Go on a roller coaster (This is happening next week)
  15. Fall in love (God didn’t say so)
  16. Go camping (Maybe this summer?)
  17. Go to the beach
  18. Meditate (The way my sleep is set up…)
  19. Eat at local restaurants
  20. Attend Gina’s wedding
  21. Visit Louisville, KY (Maybe this summer?)
  22. Make pottery (Definitely this summer)
  23. Buy my mom something she really wants
  24. Get a new phone (End of April)
  25. Show up for a friend who needs me
  26. Say ‘I love you’ more often
  27. Inspire a child to be themselves

As you can see I did a lot and in year 28, there is so much more to do! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

Behind the scenes photos: