Summer is here! Well at least for me it is. Although I’ll be teaching summer school, I plan to:

Fill my home with the fragrances of the million and one candles I have in my closet

Start jogging (well, we’ll see how the Lord leads me on that lol)

Plan my classroom theme for next year

Go to Texas for the first time

Write more

Read books

Go to festivals

Fall asleep on the couch

Turn off my phone

Intentionally set aside time to pray

To my fellow teachers who are also on break, invite me to brunch! To those teachers still awaiting their time, continue to fight the good fight. To the parents, I’ll keep you in my prayers. To the children, bring your parents as much joy as you brought me (said with a hint of sarcasm).  To those of you who do not have a summer break, sucks to be you.


Me and the homies excited about summer! (May 2018)