Has anyone ever made a mistake before? The kind of mistake where you knew what you were doing but you did it anyway, hoping God wouldn’t notice but He did because He always does. Has anyone ever made a mistake? Taken for granted His grace, risking the opportunity to see His face. Have you made a mistake? Carelessly dipped yourself in sin and asked the devil to paint you beautifully. Cover up scars with pretty lies. Color in your self esteem with only the best selfies. You know, the ones with at least 100 likes, that took at least 100 tries to get right. Have you made a mistake? Traded in your Holy Ghost for good karma, positive vibes, and the universe, forgetting He is the first and the last and has the power to overlook your past. Have you made a mistake?

Boldly declared, “I make my mistakes, my mistakes don’t make me.” That is until, they do. Have you staring at yourself in the mirror, asking the question, who are you? Those pretty lies the devil painted you, have faded. There’s not enough storage in your iCloud to hold the amount of selfies necessary to boost your self esteem. Your horoscope can’t explain why you’re going through what you’re going through, yet you’re still going through it. Suicidal thoughts dancing around your head like they’re in a broadway musical singing “I’m not mistakes. I am my mistakes. I’m not mistakes. I am my mistakes. I’m not mistakes. I am my mistakes. I’m not mistakes. I am my mistakes.”

I’ve made so many mistakes, I can’t tell the difference between them and me. I can’t pray pass hallowed it be. I don’t want your kingdom to come. God, look what I’ve done? I’ve made a mess of me and called it living my truth, called it living my best life, called it freedom. Shackles so pretty I didn’t notice them. Noose around my neck hanging so perfectly, I thought it was an accessory.

Raise your hand if you want to die. Raise it high so you can see you. Flaws and all, mistakes and weights. Is that what it’s going to take? Your life? When He’s already paid price? If you must die, die to your sins. We call them mistakes, but God calls it sin. The thing that separates us from Him. We’re too busy listening to our gospel music and attending our local services, hollering “everybody sins, we all just do it differently.” Which is really just a fancy way of saying, I’ll see you in hell, I’ll save you a seat next to me. If you’re going to make mistakes, accidentally love God with all your heart, unknowingly show someone the fruit of the Spirit, mistakenly love your neighbor as yourself.

In a society begging us to check on our strong friend, I’m asking you to check on the God within. He’s being laying dormant, you don’t even realize He’s alive. You’ve turned down the monitor, don’t want to hear a flat line. Don’t want to hear righteous judgement, don’t want to hear correction, don’t want to hear Godly wisdom, you don’t want to hear. But even if you’ve gone deaf, I pray you haven’t gone blind because His blood is everywhere, don’t waste it making mistakes.

Dip yourself in His love and be painted with His grace, painted with His truth. Picture yourself forgiven, fit for the master’s use. Yes it’s true, we all sin and fall short of the glory but that was never the end of the story. We strive towards perfection for this race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to the one who endures it. So if you make a mistake don’t let it be the kind where you know what you’re doing but you do it anyway, hoping God won’t notice because He will, because to Him, you’re worth so much more than your mistakes.

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