You know the person that always seem so happy and bubbly, like nothing can ruin their day? Everybody who meets them, loves them? Rebekah Evans is that person. The self proclaimed celebrity of her family, Rebekah is the eighth of nine children. She was the good version of preacher’s kids. She explains that as the preacher’s kid you either get talked about for doing all the wrong things or you’re expected to know the whole Bible. So with all the attention on her, Rebekah chose to be the “goody two shoes.” She went to church, prayed, even went to the altar, because of course, that’s what good Christian girls do.

But at the beginning of Rebekah’s senior year of high school, that was no longer good enough. The Christian school she attended would occasionally have speakers come in to motivate students and Rebekah had grown weary of hearing the same old speech, especially from other preacher’s kids. “I had to build my own relationship with God.” “I could no longer live this life for my parents, but I had to experience God for myself.” It sounded so cliche but Rebekah was those people and those people were Rebekah. Not too long after, her church held a conference and Rebekah experienced God in a way she never had before. The freedom in calling on Jesus for herself and not because people were watching or because it was what she was supposed to do, but simply because she needed to. Years of church had told her she couldn’t live a fulfilling life without God and on October 18, 2013, she decided she wouldn’t.

Rebekah had faked being saved for so long, that when God truly did give her a new heart, she took it seriously. She strived to learn more about God by reading His word and she uncovered a lot of truths about herself that weren’t so nice. Although she’s always been outgoing and friendly, she was also prideful and arrogant. Every action required her reaction. It is so easy to overlook these “little things,” and pat yourself on the back for not doing the “big things” (fornication, lying, drinking, etc.), but Rebekah knew all of the above impacted her relationship with God. The Holy Ghost has taught her she doesn’t need to say everything that comes to her mind, she doesn’t have to be the source of everyone’s entertainment all the time, and turning the other cheek may be difficult but it’s necessary. “Being saved comes with more trials but there are also more blessings.” For Rebekah, being saved means giving up complete control of your life to God. His plans overrides everything. Although scary at times, He’s always working for them that love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

Rebekah is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in directing and producing for film and television. In her spare time she enjoys going to art galleries and museums. She also enjoys traveling. And a little known fact about Rebekah: she loves sports! Her favorite teams are Duke, the Minnesota Vikings, and although I had to drag it out of her, she kind of likes the Chicago Bulls.

I’ve only known Rebekah for about two months but I’ve already decided we’re going to be friends forever. I look forward to hearing her name when the topic of great filmmakers comes up. She will be the example people can look to when asked can you serve God and excel in the entertainment industry.