Christmas 2018

So last night my plane was supposed to land at 10:34pm. It did not land until 2:35am. I wasn’t happy about it, but I wasn’t upset. Upon arriving at the airport, I received an email saying my 8:54pm flight had been delayed by an hour. That’s not too bad. My phone and iPad were charged so the extra time was not really an issue. I expected the wait. Minutes then hours passed by and we started boarding the plane. Before I knew it, they closed the airplane door around 10:10pm and all was well. Until it wasn’t. The airplane door reopened, and we sat waiting. Ten or so minutes later the captain came on and said something about a panel missing and blah blah blah but we should be up and running in the next fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes came and went. It was a little after 10:45pm when the captain came back on to tell us we would have to get on another plane; a plane that wasn’t landing until 12am. I did not expect this wait. But I had no other choice than to endure it. So, I walked to the terminal they directed us to (which was not close), got some chips and a soda, and I waited. The other plane landed and because it was an international flight, not only did they have to clean it, but they had to do a security sweep. Translation: more waiting. Somewhere after 1am we were up, up, and away.

Through the expected and unexpected waiting, I finally got to my destination. Not at the time I was told I would or thought I should, but at the time I got there. We put expectation on ourselves and other people put them on us about where we should be in life based on an invisible list, and we fall apart or think of ourselves as less than when we don’t get there “in time.” However, we’re right on time because we serve a God who is on time. So maybe this year you did not accomplish everything you set out to accomplish, but trust that you are still on your way to your destination. Even if you have to wait it out and go places you didn’t expect to, you will get there on time.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven