Valentine’s Day is my absolute favorite holiday (it is a holiday!), aside from my birthday (which is also a holiday!). So in the spirit of things, I decided to ask some of my favorite couples what has been their happiest moment together. Some of them chose the same moment, others had a completely different moment, but each took the time to travel down memory lane. Relationships can be difficult and it’s so easy to remember the bad times, but let’s never forget there were some really good times too.

Robert and Crystal

Married 3 and a half months

Him: My happiest moments would have to be when I saw her walking down the aisle, walking into the reception, her singing to me during toasts, the whole honeymoon in the Dominican Republic, waking up next to her in the morning.

Her: I would say the wedding and the honeymoon.

*Crystal has been my best friend since middle school and her entire wedding weekend was the happiest moment in my life.*

Ray and Kristal

Married 8 years

Him: The first time I ever been to any part of Florida was when Kristal took me a few years ago. It was in June and we didn’t have a lot of money, but she wanted me to go to this part of Florida so bad that she began to plan a few months earlier… She worked it out and when the time came we were on our way… I fell asleep on the way because I wanted to make sure I take it all in once I got there. She must have been excited as well because she was trying to get me there a quickly as possible and we got stopped by the police. He asked where we were headed so fast and she responded I’m taking him to DESTIN BEACH, FLORIDA! The police got excited and went to make sure we were traveling legit. Then he came back and gave us several places to visit and eat and he also told us where to slow down on the way. Once there we had a beautiful ocean front room. The white sands, clear bluish green water, the jet ski ride, romantic dinner, along with the Donut Hole restaurant for breakfast and Whataburger made this one of the most exciting moments/trips we’ve shared together.

Her: Ray and I have been married for almost 9 years. So we’ve had a lot of happy moments. But My happiest moment so far has been when Ray proposed to me. It was right after my graduation so I was tired and angry because I could not figure out why it was taking Ray so long to get back to my graduation dinner. Little did I know, he was preparing to ask for my hand in marriage! That was truly one of the happiest moments of my life! I will have that feeling engraved in my heart forever.

*Someone recently asked me about couples under 40 that I admire and Ray and Kristal were literally the first couple I thought of. They never try to come off as the perfect couple but they have such a profound understanding of each other.*

Amanda and William

Married 13 years

Him: If I had to choose one big happy moment of my married life, I have to admit one of them happened before I was married. My trip to the jewelry store became a major epic event. Actually, spending this large of an amount for someone was a huge deal for me. I chose the best ring I could find in my budget. Being 24 at the time awarded me with a pretty small budget. When the sales woman showed me the ring, she said do a test run on the proposal. I began to start sweating, heart began to race, palms became sweaty. “Shoutout to Helzberg!!” She calmed me down and said that’s the one. At that point the sliding of the debit card made it official. There was no turning back, either she says yes or, well there was no other option for me. All or Nothing!!!! 13 years later, I guess you can figure out what her answer was!!!

Her: Being married for almost 14 years we have had and continue to have a lot of very memorable events, so it’s hard to choose just one. But my happiest moment and most memorable with William thus far is hearing the story of our beginning. He was in the mall working and spotted me in a store where I was working. He called his three best friends and told them, “I am looking at my wife”. He then came into my store to officially meet me, and the rest is history. Fourteen years later when each of his friends come around, they see how he stares and looks at me, they always mention and tell their story of the day he called them and said that he had met his wife. He will then blush and look at me from across the room as if we were in our early 20’s and had met for the first time.

*I just love their love story! Amanda and William have served as my go to couple when it comes to relationship advice. They have always met me with truth and love and I’m forever grateful.*

Tina and Sed

Married 20 years

Him: The birth of our children.

Her: Every vacation we’ve been on as a couple, just the two of us. We always have a good time wherever we go.

*Every time I’m around my sister and brother in law, I’m always laughing. Let’s just say of all the people I talk to about relationships, they probably give me the most unfiltered information.*

Curtis and Tabitha

Married 26 years

Him: My quick answer is the last time I was with her this morning. Since day one I truly enjoy her company and there are too many happy moments to shared. We’ve been married 26 years and known one another for 31 years, so there’s countless happy moments. The one that stands out this second is our ten year wedding anniversary. We had just moved to Georgia, stayed at a great hotel in downtown Atlanta for the weekend, went shopping, went sight seeing, and went to one of our favorite restaurants where I surprised her with a new wedding ring. She was so happy, and I was ecstatic to see her so carefree and happy. Going on to the next happy moment!
Her: We had a great time together in Jacksonville, FL. We went shopping, walked on the beach, enjoyed fine dining and spent some time with family as we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary two years ago. This was one of my happiest times!!

*I admire this couple because they always show up for each other. In everything. Through everything. Although they’ve been married for 20 plus years, they always seem to be adjusting to and learning to love the person they married in new ways.*

Kenneth and Raytha

Married 28 years

Them: The birth of our son and daughter. Jahi was so big he couldn’t wear his outfit home and with Kahri, minutes after she arrived she was being nosey, lifting her head up trying to follow my mother’s voice.

*Their love has shown me how real God is and how far love can take you if you’re willing to surrender it to a God who is love.*

This Valentine’s Day, let’s create some more happy moments.

My forever Valentine! (until one of us finds someone to marry lol; December 2012)