In today’s world, everyone wants to start something, but not many people are willing to see it through. Insert, Caleb Deas. I’ve met a lot of people on this faith walk, so I’ve had a lot of practice in trying spirits, to know whether or not they are of God and Caleb is definitely of God. Growing up as the son of a pastor in the Atlanta area (Lithonia), he always saw a Godly example in his home, but when it comes to a relationship with God, it takes more than seeing to believe. Caleb learned later in life that nothing compared to experiencing God for yourself. His loyalty to Christ fuels the man he is today. Though difficult times have come in the form of doubt and depression, Caleb has always found rest in God. God has proven Himself to Caleb time and time again. He knows it’s not a coincidence or by chance that prayers have been answered. Caleb knows it’s because God is real.

Lots of people call themselves a Christian, but when asked how many people are living the life of a Christian, the number gets smaller. As Caleb put it, “we’re the minority,” which can make this faith walk difficult at times. You can feel alone and maintaining your commitment to Christ can become a task you no longer want to take on. But then, you stumble and perhaps fall, and grace steps in to save the day. You look around and realize you’re not doing this by yourself. God places people in your life to encourage you to keep going. For Caleb, this is the benefit of being in relationship with Christ.

Caleb is very busy but you would never know because he’s so humble. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in school counseling and he is also a musician (he basically plays everything). He works at a print shop and has a brand called Kingdom Writers. Kingdom Writers inspires creativity through Christ-centered, creative exposure, hosting events that include The Intersection; which features live writing sessions and music where creativity, intellect, and worship intersect. One day, Caleb hopes to merge his counseling experience with his creative endeavors, bringing healing to the world for God’s glory through the arts. In his spare time, Caleb enjoys walking outside, playing music, and writing. A random fact: he doesn’t like stickers.

One of the many things I love about Atlanta is there is always something to do and because of people like Caleb, there is something for saved people to do. There are other things Caleb could be doing with his time and money, but he’s choosing to invest in doing the work of the Lord. Not because he has to, not because it’ll make him rich, but because he saw a need that has become his heart’s desire. I’m grateful for the time he took to talk to a stranger and share his story.





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