29 is here and I know it’ll be everything lovely! It is my goal to do these 29 things in my 29th year of life. Some I’ve done, some I haven’t, some I’m scared to, some I’m excited to, but I’m going to try to do them all!

1. See Kirk Franklin in concert

2. Go to Poets in Autumn

3. Go to the beach

4. Get a massage

5. See Alvin Ailey Dance Company

6. Go to a dance class

7. Perform at an open mic

8. Go to a karaoke bar

9. Do at least 3 Testimony Tuesdays

10. Go to a vegan restaurant

11. Get laptops for my class

12. Be featured on someone’s blog/vlog/column

13. Go to therapy

14. Buy another book bag

15. Go to Colorado

16. Write a full song

17. Get my hair done consistently

18. Go on a hike

19. Go to a house warming

20. Meet someone new, who I know will be a lifelong friend

21. Go camping

22. Pet a monkey

23. Read 10 books

24. Hold a conversation with someone I don’t know but look up to

25. Write a happy poem about my dad

26. Finish one of my book ideas

27. Speak at an event (not including my local church)

28. Show up for a friend who really needs me

29. Take my goddaughter to a tea party

March 31, 2019