Are you the person that replays arguments or conversations you’ve had with people and realize some of the stuff the other person said doesn’t add up? Or do you reread text messages and think about all the things you could have said? I am that person. If the conversation doesn’t end the way I think it should (of course with the other person realizing I’m totally right about everything), I’ll bring it up again with hopes that they would have been thinking about things too and finally see things my way, but that hardly ever happens. I’m learning to say less.

According to the Urban Dictionary, “say less” means you understand and nothing else has to be said. Many of you are like me and although we try to convince ourselves that we don’t understand, we do, we just don’t agree. And guess what? It’s okay, you don’t have to agree with everyone and everyone doesn’t have to agree with you. I don’t care how close you are or how much you have in common, they don’t have to think the way you do. For a long time, I thought the only way to have a productive conversation is if at the end, everyone agreed. But not only is that untrue, it often times left me frustrated for no reason.

People are allowed to think differently than you, Jocee. If Jesus had waited until everyone agreed that He was the son of God, He wouldn’t have made it to the cross or been risen from the dead, giving everyone the opportunity to receive the gift of eternal life. And Jesus took it a step further, not only did He keep living life, He asked God to forgive them. He didn’t worry about trying to tell them they were wrong, He went to His father.

I’ve wasted too much time trying to change people’s mind, instead of saying less and going on about my life AND praying for the person. I tell myself if I say it a different way they’ll understand, but they understood the first time and so did I. Stop replaying the conversation, delete the text thread, let it be what it is by praying more and saying less.

April 2019 (Chicago, IL)

Psalms 141:3 Set a watch, O Lord , before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.

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