My church is currently going through the book of Acts. We covered chapter 1 this past week and I got stuck on verse 4, which reads, “And, being assembled together with them, commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem, but wait for the promise of the Father, which, saith he, ye have heard of me.” The promise was the Holy Ghost but the disciples had to be at the right place in order to receive Him.

What has God promised you? Where did He tell you to wait? So many of us know what God has promised us but instead of waiting where He told us to, we go here, there, and everywhere. And we have every excuse to justify why we’re not where we should be. “It was too hot.” “None of my friends were there.” “Too many other people were there.” Some of you have business ideas that God already told you will flourish, but you don’t want to start in a particular market. Some of us, I mean you, desire to be married, but we won’t sit still long enough to be found/find. Some of you want certain promotions on your jobs or even in your churches, but every time someone says something you don’t like, you leave. God is telling someone to wait, there.

As the first chapter of Acts continues, not only did the disciples wait in Jerusalem, but while there, they took care of business. They prayed; they selected someone to replace Judas. They didn’t wait for the sake of waiting, they worked while they waited. Wherever God is calling you to wait, do something while you’re there. Be a blessing to the coworkers you’ll one day supervise. Do quality work for the three clients you have, instead of waiting until you have fifty clients. Take care of yourself, before asking God to send you someone else to take care of.

Everybody wants to hear God say move, but what if He’s telling you to stay. Your promise may be there, if you’re obedient and choose to wait there.

April 2019