Jasmin is one of those people you meet and don’t forget. You can tell she loves what she does as a teacher and even when I met her and she had what most would call an “active” class full of first graders, the love of God still flowed through her. Growing up in a Baptist church, Jasmin was always familiar with God. Her grandmother did the work of an evangelist, her mother and sister sung in the choir, and her grandfather cooked in the kitchen. At the age of seven she accepted Jesus as her Lord and savior and after leaving her hometown of Upland, CA, to pursue her undergraduate degree, she still attended church faithfully. But, it wasn’t until after college that she truly cultivated her relationship with God. She began to develop a greater understanding of who God is and who the Holy Spirit is, and the role He plays in her life. The truth of God giving up His only begotten Son so she could live became very real for Jasmin and she started to live like it.

With this new knowledge, life still happened but there was a hope Jasmin continued to cling to. After graduating from college, Jasmin longed to work in the field of juvenile justice, but bills had to be paid so she started working at a car dealership. Within three years, she worked her way up to a Senior Sales Advisor position. Although the money was good, the hours were long and she knew this was not a forever job so she started taking classes to become a teacher. Jasmin always enjoyed working with kids and felt God leading her in that direction.

After completing her Master’s degree, she got a teaching job! Or so she thought. They would later call and tell her they could not hire her as a full time teacher but she could work as substitute due to a technicality. We all know a substitute teacher and a full time teacher is very different pay. Just when it felt like everything was falling into place, her world began crashing down. Thank God for praying mothers. Jasmin called her mother, they prayed, and within the next few hours, the school called back and said they would be able to hire her as a full time teacher. Jasmin knew it was only God that worked the situation out in her favor and it served as a reminder as to how real He is.

Jasmin will be the first to tell you that she spends a lot of time at church. There were moments when she felt as though she could be doing other things with her time but she came to the conclusion that it was more fulfilling to work for Christ than to focus on the things of the world. When faced with adversity, it can become difficult to stay faithful and not grow weary, but God has shown Jasmin time and time again the power of her faith and His consistent faithfulness, so she chooses to hold on.

For fun, Jasmin likes to shop (y’all she’s one of the most stylish people I know), spend time with her god babies, and mentor. She also serves as a youth minister at her church and can often times be found there serving the people of God in some way. She enjoys traveling and going on mission trips. Jasmin is currently a 1st grade teacher in the Atlanta area. You would never know it, but she is a MAJOR introvert.

Jasmin’s heart for God’s people speaks for itself. She has no idea how much she impacts the people around her and I’m grateful I’m one of those people. When I was considering buying my own home I was nervous about taking on such a huge responsibility but I thought about Jasmin. We never had a conversation about it but I remember hearing her talk about getting some stuff done around her house and I was encouraged to move forward with the process. Thank you for shining your light Jasmin!