My mother constantly tells me I live a good life and you know what? She’s right! Yesterday I woke up around noon. I stopped by my school to get some work done. I went to a local tea shop for lunch and did some writing. I went by my church to get some things done. Then, I went home and to my disappointment, watched the Florida Gators make a comeback victory (I didn’t have the channel Florida State was playing on). This was my Saturday. I did what I wanted, how I wanted.

This is the blessing of being child free and single; something you don’t hear enough about. I’m grateful to be surrounded by people in relationships who encourage me to be selfish and to do everything I set my heart to do. Too many of us treat marriage as THE prize, not realizing that every day you wake up and decide to go to a coffee shop for a few hours or go to that random event at the last minute or turn your phone off and not be bothered with anyone, you too, are winning. Don’t get me wrong, it would be lovely to have someone to come home to and share my day with or be able to look into a child’s eyes and see myself or the one I love. Marriage and parenthood can make for a good life but this is a good life, too.

Earlier this year, a friend of mine asked me what I was believing God to do in my life and I told him I was believing God for my husband. His response was much nicer than I’m going to state it but he basically said, “that’s it? God wants to give you so much more than that. Before the man even enters the picture, God has so much in store for you.” And my friend was right. I got 99 problems, but me being single AIN’T one. Although my friend is happily married and says after giving his life to Christ, it’s the best decision he’s ever made, he told me I was the prize, not the marriage. From that day forward, I could breathe a little easier when thinking about myself in regards to being married.

I’d be a liar if I told you I didn’t already have my wedding planned and still dream of what my kids will look like, but I assure you, I’m enjoying the season I’m in. Recently I was reminding myself of how close I am to 30 and started thinking of all the things I thought I’d have by now, but then I stopped and thought of all the things I have now that I didn’t even ask God for and I smiled. God will give us the desires of our hearts (and more) as we delight ourselves in Him (Psalms 37:4). And until the rest of my desires (and other surprises) show up, I’m going to keep living my life like it’s golden, because it is.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

Random trip to the zoo (July 2019)