So let me tell you all about my blessing a couple of weeks ago. I teach school full time and I also tutor and work as a behavior technician. It’s always a long week but I’m grateful because this past summer I asked God to create opportunities for me to make more money, and He did just that. With these new responsibilities, it’s easy to neglect the things I’ve been doing but I’ve done my best to remain faithful. Welp, that faithfulness was tested one Wednesday evening.

I was already tired from my full time job and then I had to drive almost an hour away to go tutor. I was about 98% sure I wasn’t going to bible study. I was going to be late anyway and I just didn’t want to be there. After getting through my tutoring session, I said “Jocee, we can just go home,” but as I got closer to my church’s exit, the Holy Ghost kept telling me to go to bible study. So I took my tired self to bible study.

I walked in and one of my favorite deacons was leading a discussion about winning souls for Christ and meeting people where they are. This is an area I struggle in and I walked away feeling better prepared to share my faith with others. If that wasn’t enough, one of my favorite family of cooks had some leftover food they were giving away. Lunch and dinner were taken care of for the next few days! I left both spiritually and naturally fed all because I pushed through my tiredness and remained faithful.

We pray for all types of things and when God gives them to us, we’re too tired to do any of the things we were doing before. We’re too tired to pray, too tired to read our Word, too tired to go to church, too tired to remain faithful in our positions at church. We’re just tired. Through our tiredness, we don’t realize God has more in store but we’re too tired to do what He’s already given us. If I had not gone to bible study that night, it may not have been the end of the world. Maybe I would have got into a car accident or maybe I would have gotten home safely and life go on. Our faithfulness isn’t always life or death, sometimes it’s just helpful. My faithfulness got me a good word and good food, something I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. There is a high chance I would have not found out about how good bible study was or that they were giving away food. It would have been a blessing I missed out on unknowingly. How many blessings are you willing to miss out on because you won’t be faithful?

And don’t get me wrong; it’s not a you do something for God and He’ll do something for you. We serve a good Father who gives good gifts, emphasis on gifts (Matthew 7:11). That same Father allows His Spirit to dwell in us and that indwelling should cause us to live a certain way and do certain things. My faithfulness doesn’t make me right with God, but because I am right with God, I am faithful. Don’t let your tiredness, cause you to miss what else God has for you.

John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

September 2019