One of my goals this year (and every year before now) is to dine out less. I use the term “goal” loosely… very loosely. It’s something I would like to accomplish but I’m not working hard to accomplish it. I don’t have a plan but it feels like something I should say I want to do. It’s so easy to pick up some lemon pepper wings or an eight count nugget meal; there’s a place to stop on almost every corner. Even when I buy groceries, most of the time the food spoils because I don’t feel like cooking. But when I finally make enough money to hire a personal chef, I’ll be able to say, “I have food at home.”

Many of us have decided we’re going to have more peace this year and experience more joy, but the worries of this life seem to be everywhere we turn. We’ve been living how we’ve been living for years and peace and joy seem to require too many steps, they’re too costly; attaining either is an inconvenience we’d rather not encounter. But what if I told you, God already has it for you? That He sent His son to do the work and pay the cost so you could enjoy the outcome? What you want, you already have if you’re walking with Jesus. He’s cooked up a meal full of joy and peace with love. You don’t have to go anywhere else to get it, simply go home and enjoy all that God has prepared for you!

When doubt and worry try to tempt you, remind yourself you already have peace. When anger and sadness are within your reach, don’t be afraid to say you already have joy. As humans we go through a range of emotions, but don’t be so quick to indulge in every emotion, every time, for such a long period of time. Don’t be so quick to hold on tight to the things you say are weighing you down. Choose what God has already given you. Even if you can’t taste the joy and peace yet, keep making your way towards home.