I ran track in middle school. I was slow so I ran the mile but I was always infatuated with the hurdles. My teammates, who were much faster and more athletic than me, made jumping over each one look easy. I tried a number of times and every time I got to the hurdle, running full speed ahead, I would stop. No matter how much I talked myself up and how encouraged I felt, when I got to the hurdle, that was it. Finally my friend, the expert hurdler on the team, got tired of seeing me struggle, and she said “girl, just jump! You’re stopping before you start.” And she was right. The hurdle always ended my race. What was meant to propel me forward, I let stop me. We do the same thing when faced with challenges in life. Instead of jumping over to the other side and continuing the journey we’re on, we stop.

The loan didn’t come through. No one showed up at the event. The reviews weren’t good. They died. You didn’t pass the test. They picked someone else. The marriage didn’t work out. There are all types of hurdles that look like finish lines. We say, “well, I tried” or “I guess it wasn’t meant to be.” We close that chapter, not realizing there was more to the story. Keep going. Keep trying. Jump! I did, and I made it across the first hurdle and all of the others.

Today I’m encouraging you to jump over that first hurdle you come across; don’t let it end your race. Ok, you’re uncomfortable. Ok, it took longer than you thought. Ok, it’s going to take more money. Ok, you have one less friend. JUMP! And keep running the race. God hasn’t brought you this far to throw in the towel. He’s more than able to help you over that hurdle. Trust Him.

Romans 8:31 What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

February 2020