I can recall going to babysit my goddaughter and when I arrived, she and her sister were outside coloring with chalk. Some of the chalk made it on the sidewalk but most of it was on her. Like, all over her. As soon as I got out of my car, she yelled “Hi, Jocee! I coloring.”  To which I responded, “I see,” and prayed to God she didn’t touch me. I know I work with kids but I was off the clock. And I’m not saying I wouldn’t have cleaned her up if necessary, but thankfully her parents were there. Without a second thought, when it was time to clean up, they worked together to get the two colorful ones, less colorful, and I played with the clean third child. God is more like my goddaughter’s parents and less like me. It doesn’t matter what mess we’ve made, He loves us all the same and is more than willing and able to clean us up.

My goddaughter was completely unbothered by the mess she made. It was fun and she probably would have stayed out there all night if her parents had let her. She didn’t realize it probably wasn’t a good idea for the chalk to stay on her and if she didn’t wash it off it would get on everything she touched, even the things she didn’t want it to. This is how sin affects us. We think we’re living our best life, not realizing we’re making a mess. What was only suppose to go on for a little while, ends up becoming our lifestyle.

Thankfully, God loves you enough to clean you and every part of your life that was affected. He doesn’t focus all of His attention on those who are already clean; He specializes in those who are a mess. Sometimes He has to clean you while you’re kicking and screaming, but choose to want to be clean today.

Psalms 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

June 2019