Imagine, worshipping the Lord aside thousands of others with your arms raised, belting out your favorite Maverick City Music songs when all of a sudden you look down and you notice your purse is gone. It was between my feet and then it wasn’t. It wasn’t under my chair or the chair next to mine. It wasn’t on the floor behind me. It was gone.

A panic immediately grasped my soul but before I allowed myself to freak out, I took a breath. My friend suggested I go check lost and found and after walking to one side of the amphitheater, only told me told I needed to go to the other side, searching high and low along the way, there was no purse. Thankfully I had my phone in my hand during my praise so I called my husband and told him he may have to come pick me and my friend up. Just as I was getting ready to walk away from lost and found, a woman who worked at the amphitheater walked up with MY purse. The relief that flooded my body once I got my hands on my keys can’t be explained. My wallet was missing and as much of an inconvenience as it is to replace debit cards and IDs, replacing my keys would have been far more of a headache.

As I searched for my purse, I was thinking rationally enough to lock my credit/debit cards so no purchases could be made. Stealing is never a good choice but I did think to myself that perhaps they needed to buy something they just didn’t have the money for. Except, they didn’t. They were trying to buy something off of Shein! Like, tried multiple times with multiple cards. The nerve!!! They also tried to get gas and $200 worth of stuff from Walmart… But Shein, though?! I’ve had my home broken into a couple of times and the feeling of violation that comes with knowing someone rifled through my things and took what was mine was similar to how I felt about this situation but what made it worse was they had to get super close to me to do it. That is a scary feeling. And all of that, for a couple of outfits. May God have mercy on their souls (and they come up with the money to get they little outfits).

I couldn’t help but think how much worse it could have been. My phone could have been in my purse. They could have taken my keys. They could have thrown my purse in the trash. I could have been so distraught that I didn’t think to lock my cards. Even in a terrible situation, I still have so much to thank God for. The concert was amazing and I left settled about all the things God told me. Me getting my purse stolen didn’t change any of that. He’s still a man of His Words and though the storms may come and the winds may blow, I’ll remain steadfast. They may have stolen my purse, but they couldn’t steal my joy.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

June 2022