January 2019

I am a 30 year old special education teacher, living in Atlanta and loving Jesus. Originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL, I have always enjoyed writing and most of all I have enjoyed connecting with people through my writing. As a former licensed associate marriage and family therapist, it was my job to connect with people and I have learned that connections heal and make life a little bit easier to face. From giving away puppies (don’t judge me) to buying a house to losing my father to almost getting kidnapped (kind of, not really), life has happened. And while life is happening I strive to stay connected to Jesus. I do not have all the answers (or even half) but I pray you read something on Sundays With Rae that you can connect with. Feel free to connect with me by subscribing to the email list and following me on Instagram and Facebook!

Why Sundays? Why Rae?

Growing up, Sundays were the most consistent day of the week for me. We go to church, we go home, we go back to church, we get dinner, we go home.  I never had to guess what Sundays held because this was the routine, every Sunday.

Most people call me Jocee, but my middle name is Sherae (pronounced sha-rae).  Beyond that, the name Rae holds special meaning to me. My father passed away in 2013 and his name was Ray and my father figure’s name is Raynard.

So as a tribute to the two men in my life who have been as consistent as my Sundays from childhood, you get Sundays With Rae.